180 Perspective

ONE EIGHTY is provided to share information and knowledge with professionals in the performance management and measurement community.

Emerging trends. What’s coming, what’s hot. What’s working, what’s not.

Best practices. Formal and informal practices and methods for better results. Real examples.

Perspectives/Lessons learned. No theory, just practical solutions, tools, and applications.

The name ONE EIGHTY conveys three meanings.

180 seconds. Short and to the point. One topic. One page. Three minutes to read.

180 degrees. Change in perspective. Best practices, new tools, ideas, and trends provide a fresh perspective and opportunity to do things differently.

180 years. Combined experience of CAM-I, the APQC, and individual Subject Matter Experts sharing research, expertise and knowledge.

John Miller, of Arkonas, has provided these One Eighty perspectives that are below. To receive One Eighty publications directly, please visit his website., www.arkonas.com

One Eighty Perspectives

1. Sales & Operations Planning 2. Innovator’s Prescription 3. Big Data
4. Health Care Industry 5. Performance Maturity 6. Forecast for Max Actionable Profit
7. Cost Function Curves 8. Planning Response Functions 9. Driver-Based Planning
10. Relief From Budget Pain 11. Business Models 12. Across the Dock
13. Rolling Forecasts 14. 10K Treasure Chest 15. Oil Service Industry
16. Productivity 17. Agile Analytics 18. Activity-Based Costing
19. Oil Change 20. Collaboration 21. Knowledge Maps
22. Return On Investment 23. Cost of Capital 24. Hurricane Ike
25. Business Intelligence 26. How Kings Seek Counsel 27. The Cost of a Can of Tuna
28. Supply and Demand 29. Process Improvement 30. Be Careful Where You-Bathe
31. The Gulfstream Must Go 32. Benchmarking 33. Tool Integration
34. Learning to Sail 35. Fixed Costs 36. Industry Cost Structures
37. Planning and Budgeting 38. Performance Management 39. Customer Profitability
40. Predictive Analytics 41. Account Level Costing

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