Be Careful Where You Bathe

About a year ago, I was in the Middle East working with Abu Dhabi University and their Institute of Enterprise Development.

I landed in Abu Dhabi on a Saturday morning just after midnight, met my driver and arrived at the hotel about an hour later.

My room is unavailable, but I can stay in the Presidential Suite for one night provided I agree to move to a normal room the next day. No problem.

The Presidential Suite is enormous, taking up a good part of the top floor of the hotel.

Accommodations include 60 inch plasma HDTV in the living room, an office with printer, fax, and five line telephone, dining room, kitchen, servant quarters, master suite with a second 60 inch plasma HDTV, and a massive bathroom with every kind of soap, shampoo, and sundry item imaginable.

The view from the suite is spectacular. On the right is the Arabian Gulf, on the left, a view of the city looking toward Dubai 100 miles away. For those unfamiliar with the area, a couple of tidbits:

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), boarding Saudi Arabia and Oman. North, across the Gulf, is Iran.

Over one-third of the world’s high rise construction is in Dubai, now a vacation destination city for Europeans. Dubai is the only desert in the world with indoor show skiing.

Only 13% of the population are Nationals. The other 87% are from all over the world. There are no taxes of any kind and very little crime. The consumption of alcohol is legal.

But back to the Presidential Suite where my body still thinks its noon Houston time and I can’t go to sleep. The streets are empty, everything’s closed, nothing to do, nowhere to go.

The bathroom has a VERY large Jacuzzi tub. I slip into the tub, turn on the Jacuzzi, close my eyes, and relax. Life is perfect.

After 20 minutes or so, I leap from the tub. Mold! Muck! Slime! I’m relaxing in Presidential Nastiness!

You see, Jacuzzi’s don’t completely drain so if they are not cleansed regularly or go unused for a long period of time they accumulate undesirables.

The same thing is true with our Balanced Scorecards, ABC Models, BI systems, and other decision support tools

when we don’t keep them updated with current information or when we use inaccurate, misleading, and polluted

data. They become a bucket of muck for the users.

Avoid Presidential Muck by regular check, validation, and cleansing the data of your decision support tools and systems…

John A. Miller

May 11, 2008

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