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Product Cost: What Is The real cost?

When it comes to determining the cost of a product, the answer will vary by who you ask. The answer depends on the background and objectives of the expert.


Management Perspective

One of management’s jobs is to maintain a perspective for the business. Perspectives take several forms. One is a perspective into the competitive environment. Another is a view to customer needs and satisfaction. There are many others. In a sense, these perspectives are always a move to view the forest instead of focusing on the […]


Integrating Management Initiatives: Which and How?

Frequently in financial forums, questions are posed about integrating various management tools. In a recent case the tools were ABC or Activity-Based Cost for cost management and its view of processes, activities, tasks, and resources. BSC or Balanced Scorecard for a balanced measurement view of performance measures. Strategy Management for implementing strategies, vision, and mission […]