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Hidden Money in Your Business: Ask Four Questions to Find It

Recently, a friend told me he could not attend a professional meeting relevant to his job because of an across the board travel ban. Whenever I hear of a company mandating across the board cuts in travel or any other specific item on their financial statement, I know that the company has no clue about […]


Capacity Model: Stick To One Model for Effective Management Decisions

In a recent professional forum, a discussion about cost allocation evolved to a discussion of capacity. Some participants proposed having two or even three different capacity models to answer different requirements such as management, costing, or regulatory reporting. Having served on the team that developed the CAM-I Capacity Model, I had to disagree. Two, or […]


Defining Business Activities for Activity-Based Cost

One requirement when creating an Activity-Based Cost model is defining activities. A few simple criteria help the new model builder accomplish this requirement. However, the actual activity definition is the lesser consideration at this stage of model building.