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Customer Profitability: A One Way Street

Accountants love to tick and tie numbers, and sometimes become insanely excited when their numbers balance. This insanity is to their advantage when they are providing their “Control” function. In case others reading this article don’t know, accountants have multiple roles or functions in business. One is “Control” – Make sure money and assets are […]

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Activity-Based Cost: More Than Numbers

Activity-Based Cost or ABC has gained wide acceptance as a modern cost methodology incorporating cause and effect and cost visibility. ABC provides relevant information for management decision making. However, some have criticized ABC for a singular focus on cost and profits. This criticism is misguided. While Activity-Based Cost does have a strong cost base, it […]

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Activity-Based Cost: Three Reasons To Avoid It

Activity-Based Cost or ABC has proven itself to be superior over traditional costing methods. Most traditional methods evolved during the early industrial age when life, while more complex than an agrarian culture, was simple. The introduction of computers and modern data processing triggered the rise of ABC giving people the power to manage data driven […]

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Financial Reporting versus Costing: Which is Right?

When attempting to calculate the cost of products and services, people often cite practices used for external financial reporting. Then they attempt to use these practices for internal decision making. Perhaps in an ideal world, this may be a valid path. However, we live in a world far from this ideal. In our world, external […]


Business Modeling: Should It Be Precise, Accurate, Or Relevant?

In a recent professional forum, we had a great, interactive discussion about the importance of relevance, accuracy, and precision in business modeling. In this case, the business model used Activity-Based Cost principles.