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5 Responses to “Free Downloads”

  1. Mehul Ranpura says:

    I am Cost Accountant.

  2. Ernest Elliott says:

    Dear Mr. Stratton,
    I have a quick question about Current cost and Standard cost.
    My boss forces me to roll up and revalue inventory evertime the current cost changes so that it matches the stated standard cost in the system. He wants this so that there is no purchase price variance. Is he correct?

    • There are two different issues here.
      1) Revaluing inventory when standard costs are revised is required. As controller, we did it with each standard cost revision.
      2) Revaluing inventory is not so that there is no purchase price variance. Rather, if revised standard costs are close to current actual costs, then there will be little or no purchase price variance.
      Alan Stratton

  3. Robin Frazier says:

    Hello. I am found your website surfing the net for answers to this question: I am writing a mini grant for a girls inititive program. It grant mentions that it will not pay for administrative overhead. Does that include the salaries to pay me and my staff? How would I list it in the grant to get paid for the work. I have all the supplies and would like monetary compensation. I will still be giving more free time than what financial compensation will be asked for in the grant.

    • I’m not an expert in grants and how foundations define overheads.
      It sounds to me like your salaries are administrative overhead.
      Please check your foundations policies to be sure.
      Alan Stratton

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