An ABC Manager’s Primer

Of course, I have to recommend this book-I am one of the authors. It is the best selling book on Activity-Based Cost Management. I just wish that I received royalties from it. Alas, I wrote it as part of a team at CAM-I (Consortium for Advanced Management-International) a non-profit research consortium-so No Royalties. However, it has lasting value.

Capacity Measurement & Improvement

Another book that I co-authored as part of a CAM-I team. It’s a great book containing

  • An absolute definition of capacity
  • Templates to define various states of capacity
  • How to translate capacity from operational terms to financial terms.
  • More…

Implementing Activity-Based Management in Daily Operations

Written by my colleague John Miller, this book is a practical approach to implementing Activity-Based Costing.

Who Moved My Cheese?

A great short book that changed my attitude about change. It encouraged me to keep learning and growing.

More Great Books

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