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I’ve known Alan Stratton for over ten years as a customer, colleague, and friend. With his global financial and cost management experience, Alan fully understands business processes, communications between operations and financial personnel, and application of software solutions to key business problems. Most recently, he’s helped my current company to understand the system implications of our sales quoting process. I appreciate his ethics and business depth.

Gary ODell, President

My name is Ashok Vadgama. I’m the president of CAM-I.
I’m sitting here with Alan Stratton. Many people do not know Alan Stratton.
But Alan, on behalf of CAMI-I, I would like to thank you for being a pioneer in the areas of Activity-Based Costing, Activity-Based Management, Planning and Budgeting, and Performance Management, and some of the work you’ve done in CAM-I in Process Management.
Alan is a very humble guy and he does not talk about this much.
He has been a real asset to CAM-I. Many, many things that CAM-I is today is because of him.
Thank you.

Ashok Vadgama, President

Chris Pieper
CEO, Alliance Enterprises

John Miller

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